Dorico 2.0 is uit! Nu een PRO en ELEMENTS versie

De langverwachte 2.0 versie van Dorico is uit! En met deze nieuwe versie zijn er twee verschillende versies gelanceerd:

  • Dorico PRO
  • Dorico Elements

Dorico Pro 2

Dorico Pro 2 adds significant new functionality across the whole application, with a particular focus on supporting media musicians working in film, TV, video games, and other production environments.

Dorico Elements 2

Dorico Elements 2 is the perfect starting point for composers, arrangers and students. With a simple user interface that is quick to master, Dorico Elements provides fluid input and editing, beautiful graphical results, and great-sounding playback.

Video met alle nieuwe features

Wil je in detail alle nieuwe features bekijken? Zie dan deze video van John Barron:

Op zoek naar een specifieke feature in bovenstaande video? Hier zijn snelkoppelingen:

  • Covered this month – a first look at the new features in Dorico 2:
  • 1:40 Writing to video
  • 11:00 System track
  • 14:12 Controller lanes / automation
  • 17:52 Large time signatures
  • 22:10 Slash / rhythmic notation
  • 34:40 Divisi / ossia / smart staff management
  • 44:35 Composer tools (inc. explode, move to staff below, reduce)
  • 51:15 NotePerformer3
  • 53:10 Microtonal playback
  • 54:10 Playing technique editor
  • 55:50 Dorico Elements

New features of Dorico Pro 2

  • Play video in sync with your project, add markers, and manipulate tempo to compose to picture
  • Edit tempo, dynamics, and MIDI controllers in Play mode with familiar graphical automation control
  • Add ossias, handle complex divisi writing for string sections, and change the number of staves used by an instrument with smart new staff management tools
  • Quickly write rhythmic slashes and bar repeats for rhythm section parts
  • Hollywood-style large time signatures draw attention to meter changes in action-packed film score cues
  • Quickly select, insert, and delete material with the new System Track
  • Powerful new tools for arrangers, including multi-paste, explode, reduce, and tools to scale existing notes into tuplets of any ratio
  • Playback of repeat structures including repeat barlines and repeat endings
  • New popover for adding tremolos and repeat endings
  • Edit the appearance of playing techniques and notehead sets, and define new playback behaviors for playing techniques in VST Expression Maps

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